How are we preparing and how can you pray?

Empty bike racks at the University

Empty Bike Racks will soon be full on the University Campus

Fall seems like it is already here. After a cool (physically and experientially) weekend in the mountains with the church we serve alongside of, we have felt (physically and emotionally) the coming season and want to share with you some of the preparations we are beginning. We value your prayers regarding these plans. We know that our plans are not perfect, so we keep them flexible, but pray that God gives us specific wisdom and brings open doors and opportunities as we expectantly await the transforming love of God to actively change the lives of students here in Austria.

Austrian Universities begin the new Semester on October 1. Please pray with us for this semester’s plans and activities. Some of the things we will be a part of this semester are:

  • An International Student Meal – offering free food and great conversation to students from around the globe who are studying in Austria. Many limited access countries send their students to Austria to study. We want to give these students a chance to hear in an experiential way about God’s love that they may never have had before.

  • Leadership training for students – We believe God wants to transform lives and prepare them to serve others. As we share a vision for student ministry we will pour into students’ lives the principles of Jesus’ servant leadership style. We are especially excited about a retreat weekend in November.

  • Partnering to serve students the first week of November. We will partner with other student groups to practically serve and engage students during this special week.

  • Engaging secular students and making disciples. Effective ministry is all about relationships. We will have formal and informal events with individuals and groups all semester built through and upon sincere relationships. Pray with us for good strategies to reach the unreached secular students of Austria.

  • God has given us the opportunity to serve so many students as a part of the local church. In October we will have an opportunity to pray blessing over students as a church just as they start the new semester. Alan will also have the chance to bring a message to the church the following week when he will be able to share the vision God has given us for reaching secular students.

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