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Ambrose Family Photo

Alan and Michelle Ambrose

Ethan and Corban


We care about students and are passionate about University ministry in Austria.


University students are the doorway to reaching their own generation and transforming the next generation.


The key is life transformation. This is the core and essence of our ministry. By providing an active, vibrant witness of Christ on campus, we will see students transformed by God, grow into leaders and transform their culture.


As students experience Christ and live transformed lives through discipling relationships they are empowered and released to live out God’s purposes for them to impact culture and generations. 



By creatively engaging students on campus, in apartments, around cafeteria tables, and during activities and events we build relationships and introduce students to the love of God expressed in Jesus.  Whether we spend 20 minutes discussing beliefs through an on-campus survey, or an afternoon getting to know each other hiking or drinking coffee the goal is to live out the love of God as servant-leaders engaging students.  



In a nation lacking in leaders we equip and empower servant leaders who do not look to their own interests, but desire the best for others.  By example and through practical coaching students learn to lead like Jesus and bring out the best in others. 



Students need experiences with God, practical training and the daily infilling of the Holy Spirit to bring life to others.  We provide opportunities for dynamic spiritual encounters and practical use of the gifts God has granted each one of us.  Students learn to trust God to use them in ministry to other students, to the local church, and through a life of service to their world. 


Exciting Changes coming!

First off, we are so thankful for the incredible semester we have had in Graz. We are excited to see groups growing in Graz and Vienna as students hear the message of the Love of Christ. The university ministry in Graz has developed a purpose and vision statement in our coaching sessions that really defines what they are all about. The SFC group in Vienna has grown with a great team of leaders and a great group of students attending summer training together in August that will propel them forward.


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